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Residential Purchases

For many property buyers, a new home will be your primary residence for many years to come. For others, the property is an investment vehicle or a significant asset in your portfolio. Either way, you want certainty that the transaction will complete on time, and with no surprises. Experienced legal counsel that will ensure the details of the transaction are managed effectively is essential.

Your conveyancing team will handle the legal paperwork that completes the home sale, as well as checking with the Land Titles Office to make sure everything is proceeding as it should. Steps taken include:

  • A comprehensive legal investigation of the property, including title searches, judgements registered against the property, outstanding orders, taxes due and owing, liens, or easements, among other items that might be on title.
  • Prepare documents to transfer ownership of the property.
  • Completion of the property transfer tax forms, including any applicable exemptions.
  • Prepare the documents for the registration of a mortgage, or any other financial charges on the property.
  • Ensure that the seller’s previous mortgage is removed from title.
  • Obtain any strata documents, if necessary, and ensure that there are no amounts owing to the strata, or that you are compensated if there are.
  • Arrange a meeting for you to come in and sign any necessary documents, with a lawyer who can answer any questions you have about what you’re signing.

The overwhelming majority of home purchases complete smoothly, with no issues. However, on the very rare occasion an issue does arise, Clark Woods can help you navigate the problem and any fallout without needing to refer you out, and without any additional delays as you hunt for a legal professional who can handle your matter on short notice.