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Get paid for your work with the Builders Lien Act

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    British Columbia’s construction industry isn’t showing signs of slowing down. It remains the number one employer in B.C.’s goods sector, with more than 215,000 people in the province relying directly on construction for a paycheque.

    Working on large construction jobs is labour intensive, complex, and time consuming, so the last thing a contractor or subcontractor wants is to not get paid. This is where the Builders Lien Act comes in.

    The Builders Lien Act in British Columbia ensures those who work on a construction project or supply materials for the project are paid. Those eligible to claim a lien under the act include contractors, subcontractors, workers, and suppliers involved with a building under construction.

    When a builders lien is registered, it becomes a charge against the title to the land, which hinders the owner’s ability to obtain funding or sell the property. Generally, this encourages property owners to rectify outstanding payments right away.

    The deadline to file a lien is 45 days from the project completion, ending, or abandonment, so it is important to act quickly with the help of a specialized lawyer.

    Clark Woods can help you get paid

    The team at Clark Woods LLP can help construction workers navigate through British Columbia’s complex collections laws and consumer protection legislation. Their experienced lawyers are ready to offer legal advice and assistance understanding your legal options when recovering money that is owed to you.

    The Clark Woods team prides itself on providing regular updates and offering timely responses. Once your account is forwarded to our office, we will handle everything on your behalf.

    If you believe you are owed money through the Builders Lien Act or are just seeking counsel on debt collection, please fill out our contact form, or call 604-330-1777 to set up a consultation.