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Clark Woods LLP can help you apply for the new TR to PR immigration program

    Canadian federal immigration minister Sean Fraser announced in June 2022 he is preparing to create a program to help expedite the process for temporary permit holders to become permanent residents of Canada.

    TR to PR Pathway

    In 2021 the pandemic led to the shutting down of the border crossings and an immigration crisis. In response, the Canadian federal government assembled a temporary program called “Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway” (or “TR to PR Pathway”), that offered more than 90,000 essential workers, front-line health care workers, and international students the opportunity to speed up their process to permanently stay in Canada.

    In 2021 when the program first came into effect, it caught many by surprise. Short deadlines and a small quota for international students, for example, left many desperate to get their paperwork organized and English tests completed before cut off dates. The cap of 40,000 applications was rapidly met (in three weeks!) and those who could not submit all documents in time were left behind.

    The plan going forward is to repeat the program, with slight changes. Minister Fraser shared that he is “on a clock to come up with a framework” that should be presented in the next 120 days (by fall 2022).

    With the announcement of a new program coming into effect, those who wish to speed up their process in applying for permanent residency should secure the assistance of a specialized immigration law professional, like Shyam Nathwani of the Clark Woods LLP team.

    Shyam has vast experience assisting people with changes of immigration status, and he is on top of the latest requirements for federal immigration programs (like the TR to PR Pathway). He will ensure you have all your supporting documents ready (like proof of work and study, language proficiency, T4 and other tax related documentations). He also will confirm program forms are filled out correctly.

    When your documents are completed quickly and thoroughly is allows for a higher chance of approval. Counting on the assistance of an immigration lawyer is fundamental to increase the chances of a positive outcome.

    To ensure you have all the paperwork and documentation required for the TR to PR Pathway application, connect with a Clark Woods LLP immigration lawyer.

    Clark Woods LLP can offer immigration services in a variety of languages. Use the form on the Contact page to connect with us.