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For This Family Day, Meet the Family Lawyers of Clark Woods LLP

    BC’s Family Day is on February 21, 2022, and while for many of us, it’s celebrated; but for others, Family Day may be a stressful occasion.

    According to Statistics Canada (2022), divorce rates in British Columbia have risen by 6.9% from 2017 to 2021. Separations have also increased since 2017, and common-law relationships (those that are not legally married but have lived with their partner in a marriage-like relationship for a minimum of two years) have risen by 6.2% (Statistics Canada, 2022). 

    Many British Columbians may be going through a new transition this Family Day, as they look to redefine their marital status in 2022. 

    Meet Our Family Lawyers

    When going through a divorce or separation, it can be hard to tell those closest to you, let alone a legal professional. Meeting with a lawyer for the first time can be intimidating and unfamiliar. At Clark Woods LLP, we want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable, as we know that these situations can be daunting. 

    To help relieve some of this anxiety, we’d like to introduce you to our team of family lawyers. With Clark Woods, one of our differences is once you have your assigned lawyer, that is who you will connect with directly throughout your entire situation. Whether you need a lawyer that can speak Punjabi, French or English, we will match the right fit for you. 

    To learn more about the family lawyers at Clark Woods LLP, or to receive a consultation, call (604) 330-1777 or visit the contact page on our website. 

    Stephen Glanzberg

    Photo credit: David Tam

    Stephen has been working exclusively in family law for seven years, as his love for people drew him away from other legal areas. He loves getting to know his clients, commiserating with them, and celebrating their successes. A father of small children, Stephen loves to be outside with his family, especially if hiking or playing hockey is involved. Learn more about Stephen here.

    Ashley Kaila 

    Photo credit: David Tam

    Fluent in Punjabi and English, Ashley joined Clark Woods LLP as an articling student but quickly expressed interest in family law. She is passionate about advocating for vulnerable women and bringing their voices forward. Ashley loves to spend time with her family and friends, particularly when they can discover a new coffee shop. Learn more about Ashley here.  

    Martina Milau

    Photo credit: David Tam

    With 20 years of experience as a family lawyer, Martina’s most rewarding part of her job is helping clients navigate their marital issues. Equipped with clear and direct communication skills, Martina resolves high conflict disputes by meeting the needs of all parties involved. Martina is also a mother of two. Learn more about Martina here.

    Anisha Karia 

    Photo credit: David Tam

    Before attending law school at the University of Alberta, Anisha worked as a crisis worker and peer advocate for women escaping violence in Vancouver. She uses this experience to inspire her work as a family lawyer. Anisha is fluent in French and spoken Gujarati, and enjoys exploring the province and visiting with family. Learn more about Anisha here.

    Jeff Thorsteinsson 

    Photo credit: David Tam

    Before arriving at Clark Woods LLP, Jeff ran Thorsteinsson & Company from 1992-2019. With more than 35 years’ experience, Jeff specializes in all areas of family law including custody and guardianship, child and spousal support, and division of property. Jeff understands the emotional and financial toll that courtroom cases can cause. His first priority is always to avoid this trauma by finding other solutions to help you reach resolution. Jeff enjoys spending time with his family and getting out for long rides on his Harley-Davidson. Learn more about Jeff here.