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Pandemic takes its toll on relationships: divorces inquiries spike in 2020 and 2021

    It has been a hard year for all, the toll has been especially difficult for married couples. Early findings show that the pandemic has been affecting marriages, and numbers of divorce inquiries are rising. Lockdowns and social distancing are proving to be an extra test in many relationships and more and more couples are not coping well with their “new-normal”. 

    A new routine of home office for both partners, homeschooling the kids and spending extended periods of time together has taken its toll. Many women have reported the extensive duties and extra pressure are becoming unbearable, mainly because they usually continue to work and now have become responsible for supervising the kids’ learning in addition to household chores. 

    Other factors influencing this spike are stemming from financial difficulties. Many have lost their jobs or suffered with reduced working schedules and had to pay bills with CERB or EI. The slimmer budget puts extra pressure on individuals who are already dealing with fear and anxiety and arguments have become part of a stressful routine. 

    Another interesting correlation is, the pandemic has worsened the relationship dynamic for recently married couples. The reason for this is their lack of experience going through critical situations. Couples who have been married for years or decades typically have gone through delicate scenarios together. This allows them to better deal with the challenges of a pandemic, while for those recently married, this may be the first major challenge. 

    Will a future with a Covid vaccine will be enough to relieve the stress caused by the pandemic? This remains to be seen, though it still might not be the cure for some marriages. 

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